Skip for a chip on McCain’s Wimbledon interactive advert


Nostalgic chip-lovers can hop, skip and jump in McCain’s first interactive advertising campaign in Wimbledon.


By Hannah Friend, Katie Richardson & Khaleda Rahman

Nostalgic chip lovers can hop, skip and jump in McCain’s first interactive advertising campaign in Wimbledon.

An innovative bus stop advert, implemented today, told passers-by to ‘hop, skip and jump if you’re having chips tonight’.

The £2.5m national campaign aims to encourage consumers to ‘celebrate the feel good sensation of eating chips, and to purchase McCain Home Chips.’

Mark Hodge, McCain Foods Head of Brand, said: “It’s an exciting, major campaign for McCain and the first time that we will engage with our consumers in this way on such a great scale.

“The campaign successfully captures the unique feel-good feeling generated when chips are on the menu, and reminds consumers why they love them so much.”

It was launched on Monday and comes in 21 variations across the country.

But it confused some people and raised concerns over whether the pavement stencil was permitted.

Wimbledon grandmother, Carol Cleary, 68, said: “It’s a bit bizarre really. I think it’s ridiculous.”

She said she thought her grandchildren would just play hopscotch and not notice the advert.

Specially created bus shelters in London, York, Glasgow, Manchester and Nottingham, will also invite chip lovers to ‘high-five’ a giant hand in return for a money-off coupon.

Those passing near Dudley Zoo will be asked to ‘Roar, if you’re having chips tonight’. Others tell office workers to leave at five and shoppers to swing their bags.

Surrounding businesses said they liked the originality of the campaign but questioned its effectiveness.

George Sporea, Lambourne Bar and Grill Manager, said he thought it was a good advert but a step too far from a business point of view.

He said: “It wouldn’t make me eat more of McCain’s chips and it’s not good that they are targeting children because chips aren’t good for them.”

The surrounding businesses do not think it will affect them, but are worried for children’s safety.

Richard Parsons, partner at News Associates, said: “I think it’s a bit of fun but I was shocked they have done that.

“I think it could be potentially dangerous for kids being so close to the road.”

Merton Council have yet to comment.

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