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How King Charles’ former school celebrated His Majesty’s Coronation

Pupils of Hill House School, King Charles’ former school, attended a picnic to mark the coronation of the King.

An often-overlooked part of His Majesty’s childhood is that he attended Hill House School, a family-run school in Knightsbridge, London, very briefly in his childhood.

King Charles was the first UK royal educated outside of the palace walls and his journey began at the small, private, family-ran school in west London.

Hill House is proud of its royal connection. The school displays its royal connection with a wooden slab with the King’s name and date of enrolment and pictures of staff welcoming the then Prince on his first day of school up in the hallway.

The school hosted a picnic at the Duke of York Ground on Thursday 4 May to celebrate the King’s coronation.

The celebration included a band playing Royal Fanfare, children singing the British National Anthem as well as cheering on His Majesty and children celebrating and enjoying the day exactly where King Charles was pictured at the same age.

The pupils engaged in traditional activities and games: including the iconic egg and spoon race.

The Union Jack prominently featured throughout the event, including on pupils’ faces, on their crowns, on Union Jack-themed cupcakes and on flags hung up and displayed throughout the field.

The pupils all enjoyed the warm day, and the vast selection of finger food and wore their school uniform with pride to mark the occasion of the Coronation of a former pupil, His Majesty King Charles.

Photo from Hill House School

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