Croydon homelessness charity raising money for mobile food van

A Croydon based homelessness charity is trying to raise £13,000 towards the purchase of a mobile food van.

Percy’s Homeless Hub raised over £12,000 in donations over the Christmas period for the homeless people of Croydon, and are now trying to go one step further with this new initiative.

The charity was launched three years ago by Jack Percival and restaurant Adam Melius to help homeless people.

Percival said: “I want to create a mobile kitchen for the homeless. I don’t know of any other charity that does this.

“We need a van capable of inviting people in, not just hot meals but mental health support, looking for general advice.”

“We help 10-20 rough sleepers each week. Sometimes the same ones. They love us, they know me by my name now. They appreciate the weekly help.”

The food van will include an oven, coffee machine, microwave and hot plate.

Percival works with a lot of drug addicts and alcoholic he believes everybody has a heart and deserves a hot meal.

He added: “I have a good team around me. We have met lots of new people especially because of COVID-19 and I would like to help them all by getting a house. But it is a long process, so it is just about supporting them in need.”

So far, Percy’s Homeless Hub have raised nearly £3000 out of their goal of £13,000.

For more information on the fundraiser, or to donate, click here.

Featured image credit: Percy’s Homeless Hub

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