Residents seek answers over waste collection scheme at Merton Council’s road show


More than 40 people visited Merton Council’s road show this morning.


By Michael Hyneman

More than 40 people visited Merton Council’s road show this morning, in an attempt to resolve the confusion over the new waste collection scheme.

The scheme, which caused outrage when it was announced last week, prompted a roadshow on Wimbledon Piazza to discuss the issue.

A council spokesman said that there had been a lot of confusion over the time-banding arrangements due to come into force and that the scheme was a positive step forward.

“We are trying to calm people’s nerves because of the overreaction,” he said.

“The press have come out and said ‘Wimbledon residents’ will be affected, but it won’t actually affect all residents, only those who have received information from us.

“I think the scheme will work as it has in other London boroughs. Merton is the one of the last boroughs to bring in this new system,” he added.

However, one angry resident, who wished to remain anonymous, was quick to shoot down those claims.

“It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea and very foolish indeed,” he said. 

“If you limit the time the waste can be put out, the danger is that people will act unlawfully and therefore you are criminalising people.

“The problem is if you leave rubbish out, animals like rats could be attracted and you could have a real problem.

“We all remember the London plague and although that seems an extreme comparison, you have to consider these problems.”

Photo courtesy of Alan Stanton, with thanks. 

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