Ni hao, hola, hello! International welcome for Wimbledon’s new children’s music class

Talented toddlers from across the world enjoyed a toe-tapping new, culturally-inspired music class in Wimbledon last week.

Tiny tots aged between two and five from countries including Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy and China sang their little hearts out in the hour-long class with nursery manager and teacher Paola Caballero on Friday, June 30.

Paola, who runs the first London-based franchise of the Music Bus company, said: “It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to bring Music Bus to London and to Wimbledon.”

The musical medley in Hillside Church on Worple Road began with a good morning song where each of the 18 children and their parents sang hello in their own language.

Paola led the group with classic English nursery rhymes including ‘Pat-a-Cake’ and ‘Old MacDonald’ as well as incorporating her Columbian heritage.

She also provided plenty of opportunities for the mini musical maestros to dance and have a go at making their own music.

One happy mum Amy, originally from China, said: “I think it was fantastic because the children were reacting with the teacher, they were having fun.

“Because there are mixed ages, the teacher ran it well, with some sitting, some dancing.”

She also praised the educational elements of Paola’s class.

Another pleased mum was Jasmine from Spain who said: “It was great, I think the little ones had a very good time. They enjoyed the music and the singing, it was very nice.”

For more information about future classes, contact Paola on 07949 574 227 or email [email protected]

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