Council Elections 2018: Liberal Democrats hold Sutton

The Sutton Lib Dems have scored another victory in the local election.

With a turnout of 41.16%, the party secured a majority win of 33 out of the 54 wards announced. Despite a very close start, the Conservatives held 18 seats, followed by 3 Independent seats – all in the Beddington North ward.

Labour did not win any seats, and  Sutton Council leader, Councillor Ruth Rombey said: “It’s been a long evening. It’s been a long campaign. Sadly, there’s been some negativity; there’s been quite a bit of nastiness in this campaign.

“But, at the end of the day, we have a result that we’re pleased with. So many people worked really hard to get this result. “And I know that, going forward, the residents of this borough put their trust in the Liberal Democrats again.

“We’ve been running this borough for 32 years and the residents have asked us to carry on for another four years. And all I can say is thank you.”

The Liberal Democrats enjoyed an encouraging start to the night by holding onto control of Sutton Borough Council.

Lib Dem majority win (33 of 54 wards announced) 

Lib Dem 33 seats, Conservative 18 seats, 3 Independent

The Lib Dem’s dropped 12 seats in this borough.

Turnout: 41.16%


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