Council Elections 2018: Liberal Democrats gain Richmond

The Liberal Democrats have won a landslide victory in Richmond Borough, taking the council back from the Conservatives after eight years.

The Green Party have won four seats, the first time they have ever won seats in the borough.

There was a 51.4% turnout, a rise from 2014’s 46.1%.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Richmond Gareth Roberts said: “It’s extraordinary. We never thought we would win this big in Richmond.

“It’s just a complete rejection of the local Tory negative policies and of course Theresa May’s horrible nasty Brexit policy.”

Liberal Democrat majority win (11 out of 18 wards announced)

Conservatives 2 seats, Liberal Democrats 28 seats, Green Party 4 seats

Liberal Democrat gain

Turnout: 72,976 out of 142020 (51.4%)


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