Council Elections 2018: Conservative hold Kensington & Chelsea

The Conservatives have held on to Kensington and Chelsea despite criticism over the Grenfell Tower crisis, as well as losing the parliamentary seat in June 2017.

The borough has been Conservative since its creation in 1964 with a North, South Labour, Conservative divide becoming more widely publicised since the events of last summer.

This divide was accentuated by Brexit which saw the election of Labour MP Emma Dent-Coad and the Grenfell Tower disaster in which 71 people lost their lives.

The night’s events went as planned for the Conservatives with the only near shock coming in a close fought race for Chelsea Riverside.

Conservative Majority Win ( 18 of 18 wards announced)

Conservatives seats 36, Labour seats 13, Liberal Democrat seats 1

Turnout: 39.7%


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