A-ha! Comedian Steve Coogan hits Croydon campaign trail urging voters to safeguard NHS and back Labour

Actor and comedian Steve Coogan threw his support behind Croydon Central candidate Sarah Jones during a ‘save the NHS’ tour today.

The Manchester-born actor declared his support for the party during an election broadcast released yesterday and said that ‘Labour believes in helping all the people, not just the privileged few’.

Coogan, joined by Labour heavy-weight Tom Watson, addressed crowds while stood on a ladder and backed Mrs Jones in the marginal seat.

He said: “I’m here to do my bit for the Labour party and help out all those Labour candidates in the critical seats where there’s still everything to play for.

Steve Coogan Labour campaign trail close up SWL

“The heart of this is about the NHS – it’s the natural home of the Labour party.

“The Labour party introduced the NHS to Britain in the 1940s and it’s a top priority for Labour.

“The Tories have never really liked the NHS so it’s always been a contentious issue for them.

“They tend to say nice things about it come election time but the evidence that’s shown so far is that they’ve tried to dismantle it by 1,000 cuts step by step and I think people are wise to that.

“They tend to avoid it where possible because it’s not their natural territory.”

Steve Coogan Labour campaign trail 2015 interview SWL

In addition to supporting the NHS the Philomena actor addressed the issue of tax avoidance and explained that by backing Labour it was safe-guarding a fairer society.

He said: “The other issue is that people are getting fed up with tax avoidance and non-domiciles who can stay in this country but aren’t prepared to contribute their fair share to the coffers.

“When the rich and the super rich avoid paying tax then it’s left to the ordinary working people to pick up the tab.

“There’s nothing in it for me – I’d probably be taxed more likely as a wealthy person.

Steve Coogan Labour campaign ladder SWL

“What’s more important to me, and what I believe in, is that people should pay a fair share to make a fairer society. There’s no agenda for me.”

When quizzed on Russell Brand endorsing the Labour leader following a YouTube interview, he said:  “He’s got an eight million Twitter following so I think it’s crucial – it shows these days how important social media is.”

In response to the Conservatives branding the interview a ‘joke’ Coogan replied:  “Well they wouldn’t say that if Russell Brand supported them then it wouldn’t be about that.

Steve Coogan Labour campaign trail 2015 selfie SWL

“They’re just bitter. Young people don’t have anything in common with the Conservatives and Russell Brand resonates with them – it’s just sour grapes.”

His whistle-stop campaign tour comes 24 hours after his broadcast supporting the Labour party was released online.

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