Southbank welcomes the Spanish streets


By Christine Dorisamy-Pillai

The streets of Spain have come to the Southbank Centre and are there for the duration of the bank holiday weekend.

The event includes stalls of food and wine, a cinema showing films from the Spanish Film Festival, and also a pop up restaurant.

Run by Spanish wine brand Campo Viejo, free masterclasses with the winemakers are available throughout day.

People can taste Spanish wines, learn which wines are matched the best with certain food or blend their own to take home in a bottle with their name on it.

“We let them enjoy the wines in a really simple way. They’re the colours from Spain,” said Roberto Vicente who is the assistant winemaker of Campo Viejo.

“There is nothing sophisticated about this way of enjoying wine. Just relax and enjoy life.”

A spokesperson for Campo Viejo said: “It just shows the growing popularity of Spanish Wine.”

There is also an informal seating area where people can relax with their glasses of wine.

The twelve stalls of food are direct from famous the La Boqueria market in Barcelona and showcase some of Spain’s finest produce.

“The mix of produce is quite important. People have the opportunity to see and eat what we have daily. These are the same products,” said Oscar Ubide, the general manager of the market in Barcelona.

“When I come to London, I buy haggis and black pudding because you can’t buy them in my country. So in the same way, I wanted people to be able to buy products that they can’t find here on a day-to-day basis.”

The restaurant, serves a Spanish breakfast in the morning and diners have the opportunity to chat with the chef. Throughout the day, there is a range of six tapas to choose from and in the evening the restaurant welcomes a Spanish Michelin star chef. The dinner is served from 7pm and is reservation only which can be made by phone.

“We’re just trying to get across all aspects of Spain really, the wine, the art, and the culture,” added a spokesperson.

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