Review: Murder on the Nile @ New Wimbledon Theatre


SW Londoner reporter Selina Ditta reviews the classic Agatha Christie novel adaptation, showing at New Wimbledon Theatre.


By Selina Ditta

Basking in the Egyptian sun on a luxurious cruiser – It’s a dreamy setting for a murder.

Directed by Joe Harmston, this stylish new production from the Agatha Christie Theatre Company is full of twists, turns and social commentary as a murder takes place on board.

The humorous script showcases the division in class, race and religion.

The show begins with high class Miss Ffoliot-Ffoulkes (Kate O’ Mara Dynasty and Bad Girls) and her niece Christina (Jennifer Brydon).

They are greeted by Arabic speaking workers on the Egyptian steamer and, to Miss Ffoliot-Ffoulkes dismay, a school drop-out and potential suitor to Christina.

A wealthy socialite Kay Ridgeway (Susie Amy) and her penniless husband Simon Mostyn (Ben Nealon Soldier Soldier) board next for their honeymoon but not without their grumpy maid.

The sunny set turns dark as the last passenger boards. The honeymooning couple are being pursued by Jacqueline de Severac (Chloe Newsom Coronation Street), who is angry that her best friend Kay has stolen her fiancée.

Kay’s guardian Canon Ambrose Pennefather who always hounds her for money is also on the trip and when a murder takes place everything and everyone is suspect.

I’m unfamiliar with Christie’s work but I do enjoy a murder mystery that keeps you on your toes.

The clothes take you back to a distant time. Susie Amy oozes forties glamour in an array of gowns and the commentary on marriage and wealth are issues which can still affect us all today.

It is an entertaining night out not to be missed.

Catch it at the New Wimbledon Theatre from until April 7 2012.


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