Best.Assembly.Ever: Dagenham school celebrates spirit of Pudsey Bear after fundraising success

Pupils at a Dagenham school are celebrating after the spirit of Pudsey Bear helped them to one of their greatest fundraising achievements to date.

The youngsters at Hopewell School were among hundreds of thousands across the UK who pulled out all the stops to help disadvantaged children this year, raising £500 for BBC Children in Need in the process.

The school, which has around 100 pupils, held a special assembly to mark the occasion, with the pupils putting in the effort to not only prepare it but also deliver it too.

Hopewell was one of 56 schools to get special resources from Lloyds Bank, the Proud School Partner to BBC Children in Need, to make the day as special as possible as part of their ‘Best.Assembly.Ever.’ programme, which aims to give pupils the chance to design their own perfect assembly to celebrate their fundraising achievements.

“It was an excellent day and the pupils really bought into what we were trying to do which was great,” said PSHE teacher Chan Wilson.

“Because our pupils have special needs and behavioural problems, in the beginning it was slow to get them into it but by the end they were really behind the assembly and gave it their all.

“We are very happy to have raised that amount. One of the children alone raised about £102 so they are going to get their own certificate.


“The best thing about it was that everyone came together and it was the first time we have done something like this on a major scale and we were really pleased with how it turned out.”

Lloyds Bank provided the schools with resource materials, linked to the curriculum, to help them develop their skills and boost their fundraising potential, as part of Lloyds Banking Group’s strategy to Help Britain Prosper.

Over 11,000 packs were downloaded in schools in the lead up to BBC Children in Need Appeal Night helping them put on their own ‘Best.Assembly.Ever.’

“The whole day was a great success,” Chan added. “Every single child got involved and did everything they could.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and I think it certainly gave them a lot to think about and take forward.”

Supporting the Group’s ambition to help Britain prosper, Lloyds Bank, as proud schools partner of BBC Children in Need, is committed to helping the Charity double donations raised through schools per annum by 2017.

To find out how Lloyds Bank is supporting BBC Children in Need, click here.

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