Kingston University sticks with traditional teaching methods despite launch of online courses across UK


The UK has launched the FutureLearn project


By Molly Kersey

The UK has launched its biggest online University Project, with over 20 universities now offering free courses which are taught via mobile phones and computers.

The FutureLearn project uses Moocs (Massive open online courses) to teach students. Moocs have already had a big impact in the US after launching last year.

Universities Minister David Willetts said this project could ‘revolutionise conventional models of formal education’, claiming that Moocs serve the unmet demands for university courses, particularly to students abroad. However, there have been issues with retaining students and drop out levels have been high.      

Kingston University have not chosen to apply this online method of teaching their students.

Head of e-learning at Kingston University, Dr Tim Linsey, said: “At Kingston the student experience of learning and teaching is paramount and whilst we are keen to learn and build on innovative practices we would only implement this delivery approach if we felt it could really benefit our students.

“We feel that our programmes, which integrate advanced learning technologies with face-to-face teaching that also build on students’ mobile and personal technologies, offer our students the best of both worlds”

Kingston University student, Ingelinn Lilleborge, said: “I feel it is an important part of learning that I take part in things like class discussions, and that I get the chance to do presentations and other things that push me out of my comfort zone.

“It does feel like part of the learning experience, as it allows you to grow on a personal level as well as academically. I’ve had the privilege to be taught by some really inspiring lecturers, and I don’t think the learning process would have been the same without them”.

Although Miss Lilleborge noted exceptions to this, such as people who are housebound or not financially able to attend university.

“But if you are willing and able you would probably ultimately find attending university in person much more rewarding,” she added.

20 short courses have been announced, with eight starting this year.

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