Wimbledon philosopher puts faith in young people to bring about peace in society

A Wimbledon amateur philosopher has claimed today’s youth has been brainwashed by society and to reclaim truth they must be allowed to think for themselves.

Ellis Hebrew, 63, attracted the attention of a crowd outside of Wimbledon railway station yesterday as he promoted  peace and solidarity.

Mr Hebrew put forward the idea that society’s influence on children’s ‘naïve’ minds had ‘brainwashed’ them into thinking the way they live is normal.

He said: “Justice is only achieved through truth. The route of our corruptions is the lack of truth in the UK’s various communities.”

He had put his faith in youth, who he said had the opportunity to seek out the truth which brought freedom.

He claimed injustices lay ‘in the unconscious fear everyone possesses which holds them back from standing up and voicing their revolutionary opinions’.

He suggested such prejudices could be avoided by giving confidence to the youth and allowing them to think freely, for themselves, rather than feeding them opinions.

“We all experience different things in our lifetimes, this does not make us anymore more or any less important than anyone else,” he said.

“I believe we are all used as a business by those who think they are superior to us.”

Mr Hebrew, born in Trinidad, said he and other black men had been portrayed by some as ‘savage men from the jungle’.

He believed young people had the power of their voices to break down prejudices and ‘deliver our communities to a more cohesive and harmonious society, in which people who are different are not targeted and are respected for their individuality’.

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