First Merton sensory library opens in Morden

The public perception of public libraries may be of a slow decline, but the opening of a children’s sensory library in Morden tells a different story.

Morden Library has reported a significant increase in visits from parents and children since its sensory library opened on July 19.

A library spokesperson said: “Many pieces of research have highlighted how children who develop a love of reading at an early age are more likely to have improved health, social and economic outcomes in their lives.

“Sensory learning is all about ‘finding innovative ways to help children learn to read and build their communication skills, giving them the best foundations to develop.”

Daniel, who works in the library, said including more sensory methods of learning is a trend that a lot of libraries are following.

Nick Draper, councillor for Merton’s community and culture, said: “Libraries are no longer just a place to sit in silence and read a book – they are also community areas where people can learn, play and explore.”

To see what’s on at Morden Library visit their website.

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