Log your ‘hog! London wildlife sleuths urged to record sightings and create hedgehog highways to combat decline

South west London animal lovers are being urged to log every time they spot a hedgehog shuffling in their garden or out in the wild.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has launched the The BIG Hedgehog Map online where people can record their sightings of hedgehogs (dead or alive) and pledge to make a hole in their garden fence.

The Hedgehog Street campaign begins as statistics reveal that a third of these spiky mammals have been lost in the UK in the last ten years.

Hedgehog pic courtesy of Sonora Case
EVERY DAY HE’S SHUFFLING: This ‘hog was caught unawares while journeying in the wild (© Sonora Case)

CEO of BHPS Fay Vass said: “To reverse the decline of hedgehogs we need to know where they are, and we need to maintain their living spaces.

“Please help by telling us when you see hedgehogs and make small holes in your garden fences to create hedgehog highways all across the country.

“By acting together we can really benefit the species.”

hedgehog Phill Robinson
PEEKABOO! This little guy peers out from under a bush (© Phill Robinson)

Hedgehog lovers can help out by creating a small hole the size of a CD case in shared garden boundaries.

This removes physical barriers for hedgehogs which typically travel about a mile each night in order to gather food and search for a mate.

To record your hedgehog sighting on The BIG Hedgehog Map and make your pledge to create a hole for hogs visit

Featured picture courtesy of  Alexander Olm, with thanks

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