Campaign tackling teenage domestic abuse launched by Lambeth Council


Addressing violence against women and girls is a key priority for the council.


By SWLondoner staff

Abusive teenage relationships are the being targeted in a new campaign being lanched by Lambeth Council this week.

Research shows that some teens think verbal and physical attacks are acceptable, and the council aims to tackle the issue through the ‘This is abuse’ campaign, run in conjunction with the Home Office.

The campaign will feature posters across the borough, discussions with young people in schools and colleges and extra support for victims.  

“Domestic abuse is very damaging for victims of any age – but when experienced at a young age it can set a tone and a damaging expectation of what is acceptable for the rest of your life,” said Cllr Jack Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Neighbourhoods.

“Some teens have very worrying attitudes about what is and isn’t acceptable – abuse is not normal and is never alright.”

The work is being undertaken as part of Lambeth council’s Safer Communities campaign, to highlight how they are making the borough a safer place.

Recent figures from the NSPCC showed that a third of girls in an intimate partner relationship aged 13-17 have experienced some form of sexual partner violence,  and 77% of young people do not feel they have enough information to deal with phsycial or sexual violence.

Addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a key priority for Lambeth Council, and covers domestic violence, sexual violence, prostitution, trafficking for sexual exploitation, forced marriage, honour based violence, female genital mutilation and stalking.

“We are determined to explain to young people who experience domestic violence that they just don’t have to put up with someone they are close to being abusive towards them and that support is available,” added Cllr Hopkins.

“Added to that we are telling perpetrators that what they are doing is wrong, won’t be tolerated and that we will take every step to ensure we get successful prosecutions through the courts.”

Young women whose relationship leaves them feeling scared, intimidated or controlled can get help from Lambeth’s Gaia Centre, which is run by Refuge, on 020 7733 8724.

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