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Free online Saturday homework club for Richmond children

A Richmond charity is offering children extra-support with schoolwork through Saturday online tutoring club. 

The ‘Saturday Catch-up Club’, organised by Multicultural Richmond, aims to provide children with weekly English, Maths and Science lessons for GCSE and SATs level students and started last Saturday. 

Since schools closed during lockdown and are not expected to open again until March at the earliest, schools have offered remote learning but many have pupils and parents have struggled with the lack of support. 

Multicultural Richmond’s Director, Ravi Arora, said: “When the pandemic hit children and parents had to adapt very quickly to online and homeschooling.

“Parents are under a lot of pressure and some will struggle more than others for example where English is not the first language spoken at home.

“We are giving an extra helping hand not only for the students, but also for the parents to give them a break as well.”

Arora added that although schools are offering online lessons, students are not receiving the usual additional support, such as resources and one-to-one help from teachers.

This is why the charity is offering its support to community schools, and it has received a high demand with more than 20 students already showing interest.

The catch-up club will provide group classes and one-to-one sessions through Zoom by tutors with over 10 years experience on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

During the pandemic, many students have missed out on education due to lockdowns and self-isolation resulting in exams being cancelled. 

Student absence rose as, during the 2020/21 autumn term, average attendance in state schools dropped to 86% according to Government statistics, causing students’ learning to suffer.

To apply to the Saturday Catch-up Club contact Ravi Arora, the Director of Multicultural Richmond on 020 8893 9444 or email [email protected].

You can also visit the website for more information. 

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