Bogus builders scam Croydon man out of £15,000 then go back for more

Crafty conmen repeatedly scammed a Croydon man and tricked him out of £15,000 for shoddy roof repairs.

The 60-year-old Waddon resident was initially called in 2014 by someone claiming to be a roofer offering to repair loose tiles, fearing it might be a scam he contacted the council’s trading standards team who confirmed it was.

However, following a leak in his home last year he hired a team of roofers recommended by a ‘friend of a friend’ who then claimed extra work was required and charged him £15,000, he later found out the rogue roofers made no repairs.

Croydon councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice, said: “This case shows that even the careful can be caught out by these skilled conmen.

“This resident had previously suspected a scam and done the right thing by calling our trading standards team.

“Despite that, however, he later fell victim to rogue roofers and was taken for £15,000.”

In the last few weeks the resident was called again with attempts to pressure him into giving more money and even had a man at his doorstep asking for his name and number.

This includes a call from someone claiming to be the police dealing with a refund awarded.

Not to be caught again, he went straight to trading standards.

Trading standards say conmen will often call months or even years later claiming to be officials investigating the original scam, asking for money to be transferred to enable the compensation process to take place.

The police and trading standards would never ask a resident for money, and any request is a sign the caller is attempting a con.

Cllr. Watson said of the resident: “Thankfully, he’s learned his lesson and he took advice from our officers before being caught a second time.”

Residents should always ask for the name and position of the person they are speaking to, and if in doubt put the phone down and check.

Any suspicious callers can be reported to police on 101, or the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

Image courtesy of Jeff Eaton, with thanks

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