Watch London’s cutest dog Dylan seeing snow for the very first time – in (extra cute) pictures and video

A gorgeous pint-sized pup who experienced snow for the first time today has been captured frolicking in it on camera.

Meet Dylan, the adorable black and tan cocker spaniel who has stolen the SWL team’s heart with his fluffy black and tan fur, chocolate eyes and amazing floppy ears.

He ventured outside after last night’s light flurry and repeatedly pounced on the mysterious white stuff he discovered outside.

Dylan cocker spaniel puppy babyPUPPY LOVE: Nine-week-old Dylan chilling out at home

Owner Rachel Bull, who works in Wimbledon, can be heard encouraging the 15-week-old pooch to explore areas of the garden where there’s more snow.

She told SW Londoner: “Dylan is such a friendly puppy who was very excited about this morning’s snow.

Dylan puppy close-up2SLEEPY: Dylan snuggles in for a post-snow cuddle with owner Rachel

“At the end of the day he loves cuddling up in front of the fire, and that might be even more necessary after snow day!”

Watch the moment Dylan takes his first step into snow below….

The 15-week-old, who recently had his injections, loves exploring the great outdoors whether it’s chasing squirrels on a woodland trail or sauntering down the street for his daily walk.

However Rachel, and her partner Tom Barclay, have to make sure they allow plenty of time as he has legions of adoring fans who want to stop and pet him as they pass by.

Dylan spaniel walkiesKEEN BEAN: Dylan looking forward to his woodland adventures

“He really enjoys his daily walk although we do have to stop to say hello to everyone, which means it can sometimes take a while to reach our destination!”

He might be small in size but he’s certainly mighty in valour when it comes to his favourite chew toy – a plushy snake.

Dylan cocker spaniel puppy Christmas selfie Rachel Bull
FESTIVE FUN! Dylan enjoying his first Christmas in the Bull/Barclay home

“He hasn’t chewed through anything yet, but he can often be found with his favourite cuddly snake not far away – I hope he never actually meets a snake!”

Since bringing him home six weeks ago little Dylan has completed their family unit.

Dylan puppy travelling big earsLOOK AT THOSE EARS! Dylan snoozing on a car journey

Rachel smiled: “He’s the perfect addition to our family and I can’t imagine life without him now.”

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