The Andy Gray Column: Now is not the time for Chelsea transfers

Summary: ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to SW Londoner.


I know some Chelsea fans would have been looking for their club to do more than what they did as the transfer window slammed shut but believe me Chelsea fans when I say that Andre Villas-Boas will be busy, but at the right time.

I wasn’t surprised that the Manchester clubs, City and United, didn’t do any major moves, the same with Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

To be honest, I thought if any of the big clubs were going to do anything then it would have been Chelsea and Gary Cahill was always a target for them so I was not surprised when he made the move from Bolton.

I thought there might have been half a deal for them and the one I was thinking was that if they weren’t happy with Fernando Torres then I wondered if they ever thought of ringing up Manchester City and saying ‘here is what we will do, you can take Torres and we will take Carlos Tevez off your hands’. That might have been a deal worth thinking about.


But in the bigger picture Chelsea are a team that is evolving and that is maybe why they are struggling a little bit this year and their older players and their more experienced players are having less influence on the team.

AVB is going to have to mould the team into what he has in his mind and no one else’s so it is a tough year for him.

He has to get people out and get people in and keep the team successful at the same time which we know is never easy.

But I never expected him to be busy in the market in January. Big clubs like these do the business at the end of their season when it should be done.

They will have their targets right now and will be ready to strike and doing it at the right time, January just isn’t that time so be patient Chelsea fans, your time will come.

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