The complete guide to who is running for Parliament in south west London

By SWL Reporters
December 2 2019, 16.25

We’ll be extensively covering 21 constituencies in the 2019 General Election with south west London expected to be a key battleground as Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn fight to control the House of Commons.

We’ve listed every race below, from the closest results in 2017 – Kensington had just 20 votes in it – to the safest seat, Labour winning Croydon North with a thumping 32,265 majority.


Jay Aston (Brexit), Felicity Buchan (Conservative), Emma Dent Coad (Labour), Scott Dore (Workers Revolutionary Party), Sam Gyimah (Liberal Democrat), Harriet Gore (Touch Love Worldwide), Vivien Lichtenstein (Green), Roger Phillips (Christian Peoples Alliance)

EU Referendum
Leave 31.2%, Remain 68.8%

2017 result: Emma Dent Coad 16,333/42.2%, Victoria Borwick (Con) 16,313/42.2%, Annabel Mullin (Lib Dem) 4,714/12.2%, Jennifer Nadel (Green) 767/2%, James Torrance (Independent) 393/1%, Peter Marshall 98/0.3%, John Lloyd (Alliance for Green Socialism) 49/0.1%
Majority 20, Turnout 38,677/68.5%

Richmond Park

Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Sandra Keen (Labour), Sarah Olney (Liberal Democrat), Caroline Shah (Independent), John Usher (Independent)

EU Referendum
Leave 28.69%, Remain 71.31%

2017 result: Zac Goldsmith (Con) 28,588/45.1%, Sarah Olney (Lib Dem) 28,543/45.1%, Cate Tuitt (Lab) 5,773/9.1%, Peter Jewell (UKIP) 426/0.7%
Majority: 45, Turnout 63,330/79.1%

Carshalton and Wallington

Tom Brake (Liberal Democrat), Elliot Colburn (Conservative), Ashley Dickenson (Christian Peoples Alliance), Tracey Hague (Green), Ahmad Nawaz Wattoo (Labour), James Woudhuysen (Brexit Party)

EU Referendum
Leave 56.26% Remain 43.74%

2017 result: Tom Brake (Lib Dem) 20,819/41%, Matthew Scott (Con) 19,450/38.3%, Emina Ibrahim (Lab) 9,360/18.4%, Shasha Khan (Green) 501/1%, Nick Mattey (Independent) 434/0/9%, Ashley Dickenson (Christian Peoples) 189/0.4%
Majority: 1,510, Turnout: 47,613/68%


Fleur Anderson (Labour), Teixeira Hambro (Brexit Party), Fergal McEntee (Green Party), Will Sweet (Conservative), Sue Wixley (Liberal Democrats)

EU Referendum
Leave 27.76% Remain 72.24%

Justine Greening (Con) 20,679/44.1%, Neeraj Patil (Lab) 19,125/40.8%, Ryan Mercer (Lib Dem) 5,448/11.6%, Ben Fletcher (Green) 1,107/2.4%, Patricia Ward (UKIP) 477/1%, Lotta Quizeen (Independent) 58/0.1%
Majority: 1,554, Turnout: 46,894/72.1%


Kim Caddy (Conservative), Lois Davis (Green), Marsha de Cordova (Labour), Mark Gitsham (Liberal Democrat), Jake Thomas (Brexit Party)

EU Referendum
Leave 22.05% Remain 77.95%

2017 result: Marsha de Cordova(Lab) 25,292/45.9%, Jane Ellison (Con) 22,876/41.5%, Richard Davis (Lib Dem) 4,401/8%, Chris Coghlan (Independent) 1,234/2.2%, Lois Davis (Green) 866/1.6%, Eugene Power (UKIP) 357/0.6%, Daniel Lambert (Socialist GB) 32/0.1%
Majority: 2,416, Turnout 55,058/71%

Cities of London and Westminster

Nickie Aiken (Conservative) Jill McLachlan (Christian Peoples Alliance), Gordon Nardell (Labour), Zack Polanski (Green), Chuka Umunna (Liberal Democrats), Dirk van Heck (Liberal)

EU Referendum
Leave 28.05% Remain 71.95%

2017 result: Mark Field (Con) 18,005/46.6%, Ibrahim Dougs (Lab) 14,857/38.4%, Bridget Fox (Lib Dems) 4,270/11.1%, Lawrence McNally (Green) 821/2.1%, Anil Bhatti (UKIP) 426/1.1%, Tim Lord (Independent) 173/0.4%, Ankit Love The Maharaja of Kashmir (One Love) 59/0.2%, Benjamin Weenen (Young People’s) 43/0.1%
Majority: 3,148, Turnout: 38,654/62.8%

Kingston and Surbiton

Aphra Brandreth (Conservatives), Chinners Chinnery (Monster Raving Looney Party), Sir Ed Davey (Liberal Democrat), James Giles (Independent), Roger Glencross (UKIP), Scott Holman (Brexit Party), Sharron Sumner (Green Party)

EU Referendum
Leave 40.84%, Remain 59.16%

2017 result: Ed Davey (Lib Dem) 27,810/44.7%, James Berry (Con) 28,686/38.1%, Laurie Smith (Lab) 9,203/14.8%, Graham Matthews (UKIP) 675/1.1%, Chris Walker (Green) 586/0.9%, Chinners Chinnery (Monster Raving Loony) 168/0.3%, Michael Basman (Independent) 100/0.2%
Majority: 4,124, Turnout 62,178/76.2%


Stephen Hammond (Conservative), Paul Kohler (Liberal Democrat), Jackie Schneider (Labour), Graham Hadley (Independent)

EU Referendum
Leave 29.37% Remain 70.63%

2017 result: Stephen Hammond (Con) 23,946/46.5%, Imran Uddin (Lab) 18,324/35.6%, Carl Quillam (Lib Dem) 7,442/14.5%, Charles Barraball (Green) 1,231/2.4%, Strachan McDonald (UKIP) 553/1.1%
Majority 5,622, Turnout 51,526/77.2%

Croydon Central

Mario Creatura (Conservative), Sarah Jones (Labour), Peter Sonnex (Brexit Party), Simon Sprague (Liberal Democrat), Esther Sutton (Green)

EU Referendum
Leave 50.31% Remain 49.69%

2017 result: Sarah Jones (Lab) 29,873/52.3%, Gavin Barwell (Con) 24,221/42.4%, Gill Hickson (Lib Dem) 1,083/1.9%, Peter Staveley (UKIP) 1,040/1.8%, Tracey Hague (Green) 626/1.1%, John Boadu (Christian Peoples Alliance) 177/0.3%, Don Locke (Independent) 71/0.1%
Majority: 5,652, Turnout: 57,652/71.3%

Chelsea and Fulham

Greg Hands (Conservative), Nicola Horlick (Liberal Democrats), Sam Morland (Animal Welfare Party), Matt Uberoi (Labour)

EU Referendum
Leave 29.1% Remain 70.9%

2017 result: Greg Hands (Con) 22,179/52.6%, Alan De’Ath (Lab) 13,991/33.2%, Louise Rowntree (Lib Dem) 4,267/11%, Bill Cashmore (Green) 807/1.9%, Alasdair Seton-Marsdemn (UKIP) 524/1.2%
Majority: 8,188, Turnout: 42,128/66.1%


Isobel Grant (Conservative), Ranjeev Walia (Labour), Stuart Wells (Brexit Party), Munira Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

EU Referendum
Leave 33.32% Remain 66.68%

2017 result: Vince Cable (Lib Dem) 34,969/52.8%, Tania Mathias (Con) 25,207/38%, Katherine Dunne (Lab) 6,114/9.2%

Majority: 9,972, Turnout: 79.5%

Croydon South

Olga FitzRoy (Labour), Kathleen Garner (UKIP), Anna Jones (Liberal Democrats), Chris Philp (Conservative), Peter Underwood (Green Party)

EU Referendum
Leave 45.81% Remain 54.19%

2017 result: Chris Philp (Con) 33,334/54.4%, Jennifer Brathwaite (Lab) 21,928/35.8%, Anna Jones (Lib Dem) 3,541/5.8%, Catherine Shelley (Green) 1,125/1.8%, Kathleen Garner (UKIP) 1,116/1.8%, David Omamogho (Christian Peoples Alliance) 213/0.3%
Majority: 11,405, Turnout 61,247/73.3%

Brentford and Isleworth

Ruth Cadbury (Labour), Helen Cross (Liberal Democrat), Daniel Goldsmith (Green), Lucy O’Sullivan (Brexit), Seena Shah (Conservative)

EU Referendum
Leave 43.31% Remain 56.69%

2017 result: Ruth Cadbury (Lab) 35,364/57.4%, Mary Macleod (Con) 23,182/37.6%, Joseph Bourke (Lib Dem) 3,083/5%
Majority: 12,172, Turnout: 61,629/72.4%

Sutton and Cheam

Hina Bokhari (Liberal Democrats), Bonnie Craven (Labour), Claire Jackson-Prior (Green), Paul Scully (Conservative)

EU Referendum
Leave 51.28, Remain 48.72%

2017 result: Paul Scully (Con) 26,567/51.1%, Amna Ahmed (Lib Dem) 13,869/26.7%, Bonnie Craven (Lab) 10,663/20.5%, Claire Jackson-Prior (Green) 871/1.7%
Majority: 12,698, Turnout: 51,970/73.8%


Rosena Allin-Khan (Labour), Kerry Briscoe (Conservative), Olly Glover (Liberal Democrats), Glyn Goodwin (Green Party), Roz Hubley (SDP), Adam Skakir (Brexit Party)

EU Referendum
Leave 25.59%, Remain 74.41%

2017 result: Rosena Allin-Khan (Lab) 34,694/59.6%, Dan Watkins (Con) 19,236/33.1%, Alex Glassbrook (Lib Dem) 3,057/5.3%, Esther Obiri-Darko (Green) 845/1.5%, Ryan Coshall (UKIP) 339/0.6%
Majority: 15,458, Turnout: 58,171/74.7%

Feltham and Heston

Jane Keep (Conservative), Tony Firkins (Green), Seema Malhotra (Labour), Hina Malik (Liberal Democrat), Martyn Nelson (Brexit)

EU Referendum
Leave 55.93% Remain 44.07%

2017 result: Seema Malhotra (Lab) 32,462/61.2%, Samir Jassal (Con) 16,859/31.8%, Stuart Agnew (UKIP) 1,510/2.8%, Hina Malik (Lib Dem) 1,387/2.6%, Tony Firkins (Green) 809/1.5%
Majority 15,603, Turnout: 53,027/64.9%


Sarah Bool (Conservative), Jacqueline Bond (Green Party), Florence Elashomi (Labour Party), Salah Faisal (Independent), Sarah Lewis (Liberal Democrats), Hortense Sheppard (Brexit Party)

EU Referendum
Leave 22.43%, Remain 77.57%

2017 result: Kate Hoey (Labour) 31,576/57.4%, George Turner (Lib Dem) 11,326/20.6%, Dolly Theis (Con) 10,277/18.7%, Gulnar Hasnain (Green) 1,152/2.1%, Harini Iyengar (Women’s Equality Party) 539/0.9%, Mark Chapman (Pirate Party) 172/0.3%
Majority: 20,250, Turnout: 55,042/67.1%

Mitcham and Morden

Des Coke (Christian Peoples’ Alliance), Jeremy Maddocks (Brexit), Pippa Maslin (Green), Siobhain McDonagh (Labour), Luke Taylor (Liberal Democrat), Toby Williams (Conservative)

EU Referendum
Leave 44.69% Remain 55.31%

2017 result: Siobhain McDonagh (Lab) 33,039/68.7%, Alicia Kearns (Con) 11,664/24.2%, Claire Mathys (Lib Dem) 1,494/3.1%, Richard Hilton (UKIP) 1,054/2.2%, Laura Collins (Green) 644/1.3%, Des Coke (Christian Peoples Alliance) 223/0.5%
Majority: 21,375, Turnout: 48,118/70%


Scott Ainslie (Green), Penelope Becker (Brexit), Rory O’Broin (Conservative), Bell Ribeiro-Addy (Labour), Helen Thompson (Liberal Democrats)

EU Referendum
Leave 20.54% Remain 79.46%

2017 result: Chuka Umunna (Lab) 38,212/68.5%, Kim Caddy (Con) 11,927/21.4%, Alex Davies (Lib Dem) 3,611/6.5%, Nicole Griffiths (Green) 1,696/3%, Robert Stephenson (UKIP) 349/0.6%
Majority: 26,285, Turnout: 55,795/70.9%

Dulwich and West Norwood

Jonathan Bartley (Green), Helen Hayes (Labour), Anthony Hodgson (Christian Peoples Alliance). Jane Lyons (Conservative), John Plume (UKIP), Julia Stephenson (Brexit)

EU Referendum
Leave 22.94% Remain 77.06%

2017 result: Helen Hayes (Lab) 39,096/69.6%, Rachel Wolf (Con) 10,940/19.5%, Gail Kent (Lib Dem) 4,475/8%, Rashid Nix (Green) 1,408/2.5%, Robin Lambert (Independent) 121/0.2%, Yen Chong (Independent) 103/0.2%
Majority: 28,156, Turnout: 55,143/71.9%

Croydon North

Dr Claire Bonham (Liberal Democrats), Rachel Chance (Green Party), Donald Ekekhomen (Conservative), Steve Reed (Labour), Chidi Ngwaba (Brexit), Candace Mitchell (Christian Peoples’ Alliance)

EU Referendum
Leave 41.17% Remain 58.83%

2017 result: Steve Reed (Lab) 44,213/74.2%, Samuel Kasumu (Lab) 11,848/19.9%, John Pindar (Lib Dem) 1,656/2.8%, Peter Underwood (Green) 983/1.6%, Michael Swadling (UKIP) 753/1.3%, Lee Berks (Independent) 170/0.3%
Majority: 32,265, Turnout: 59,623/68.2%

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