World-famous hotel calls Merton master for Feng Shui fortune


A Wimbledon Feng Shui expert performed an exclusive blessing ceremony at a high-profile 5* Barcelona hotel on Thursday November 26.


By Ben Endley, Sophie Flowers, Ellie Gibbs and Jack Travers

A Wimbledon Feng Shui expert performed an exclusive blessing ceremony at a high-profile 5* Barcelona hotel on Thursday November 26.

Home-run Rising Dragon Feng Shui, which has only two full-time staff, was contacted by the world-famous Mandarin Oriental hotel chain.

Feng Shui grand master Angela Ang was paid £1500 for a 10-minute blessing ceremony.

She has also been booked to consult on Mandarin Oriental’s upcoming hotels in Marrakesh and Milan.

Ms Ang’s marketing manager Misae Richwoods said the recession had brought in new customers hoping for good fortune.

She said: “When the credit crunch hit everything slowed, but a whole new clientele turned to Feng Shui for help.”

Their clients include City stockbrokers, who approached them to help reverse their luck after market downturns.

Ms Richwoods said: “Companies with small premises do fantastic things, but you find larger companies are struggling with their space.”

Ms Ang tweeted: “It was very auspicious conducting a Feng Shui blessing for the opening of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona. There were 300 watching!”

The 98-bedroom hotel held a private opening ceremony today attended by the Mayor of Barcelona to give luck to the hotel staff and guests.

Bel Natividad, Director of Communications at the Barcelona hotel, said: “It was a real honour to have a Feng Shui master like Angela Ang perform it.

“The blessing was very good and the ribbon cutting was extremely special.”

Ms Ang was booked by the Barcelona hotel on the recommendation of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London.

Closer to home, Rising Dragon’s Merton-based clients include the flagship Coal Grill & Bar on Wimbledon Broadway.

Feng Shui, which translates as wind water, originated in China and is the study of how humans interact with their environment.

It focuses on the way a building can influence the behaviour, emotion, health and thoughts of people spending time there.

Top 5 Tips to Feng Shui your home:

  1. Add colour, like calming blues and greens, or empowering red.
  2. Integrate plants to increase oxygen and boost energy, or use a money-tree in the south east corner of your home.
  3. Try and sit in the corner farthest from the entrance to the room to have a ‘command’ position. If you have a computer put it in the south east corner to generate income.
  4. Bring in a fountain to diffuse negative energy. A crystal ball next to your phone will encourage prosperous calls.
  5. A hanging crystal in your window will activate your chi but avoid mirrors, which reflect negative energy. At work add a picture or figure of a rooster on your desk to make office gossips stop.

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