clockwork cycles holding a pop up event

Workshops encouraging cycling pop-up in Twickenham

A Whitton-based cycling company has been helping residents across the area get back on their bikes thanks to free pop-up sessions under a nationwide campaign.

Clockwork Cycles are taking part in a nationwide initiative called the ‘Big Bike Revival’, a campaign set up by Cycling UK to encourage people to start and get back into cycling.

Cycling UK originally set up the scheme as more people turned to cycling during lockdown, and have extended it through winter, with people still using two wheels for exercise and travel.

Clockwork Cycles also take part in ‘Dr Bike’ pop-up workshops, where mechanics perform complete checks of bikes to ensure that they’re in good health.

The company became a part of the scheme in September and over the past month has held regular pop-up workshops in Syon Park in Brentford and Kneller Gardens in Twickenham, which have proven incredibly popular.

Head of Clockwork Cycles Greg Smith said: “I saw the scheme online and was looking for some way to involve myself and my bicycle repair shop.

“The very first time we did it six weeks ago, we turned up at Syon Park and there were already eight bicycles already waiting for us. That was a big surprise!”

Smith commented that there was a wide range of different issues that people came to his cycling pop-up workshops with.

He said: “A lot of times people won’t have got on their bikes for a couple of years and generally their bicycles are in very bad shape.

“Then you’ve got other people who have heard about you and are just cycling past, and would just like a quick check over.

“I think there’s a massive increase in bicycle use. I cycle every day and I see twice as many people out there on bikes as there were pre-Covid times.”

You can check out Clockwork Cycles here.

Featured image credit: Clockwork Cycles

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