Wimbledon MP’s wife speaks out against wife swap suggestions


The wife of a Wimbledon MP is angry about leaked proposals prohibiting the employment of spouses


By Luke Ritchie

THE WIFE of a Wimbledon MP is angry at a potential change in relation to MPs being able to employ their relatives.

The changes form part of Sir Christopher Kelly’s expected recommendations, which were selectively leaked last week, and state MPs will not be allowed to employ relatives in the future.

Sally Hammond, who works as her husband Stephen’s office manager and constituency secretary, spoke exclusively with Merton Matters about Sir Christopher’s expected recommendation.

“I’m upset. I’ve worked here for longer than my husband,” said Mrs Hammond.

“I am being discriminated against.”

Mrs Hammond says that her expert knowledge of Wimbledon and ability to work longer hours, including Saturdays, make her good value for money for the Public.

On being asked if she would consider MP Norman Baker’s proposal of swapping relatives, the so-called MP wife-swap, Mrs Hammond warned against trivialising the situation.

Mrs Hammond emphasised that no one has seen Sir Christopher’s official proposals in full, which are due to be published on Wednesday, as of yet.

The proposal is likely to suggest that the employment of family members be phased out over a five-year period in the next parliament, and be banned for incoming MP

Chairman of Unite, Dan Whittler, whose union represents some of the staff in this position, suggested that they could bring cases under discrimination laws or unfair dismissal.

The recommendation is likely the result of a series of scandals over MPs paying family members large amounts of taxpayer’s money to relatives for little work.

Mr Hammond is one of the few MPs to be named as a saint by the Daily Telegraph after the revelation of MPs expenses.

Harriet Harman, leader of the House of Commons, said on The Andrew Marr Show: “I do think it would be fair not to sack existing spouses who work for MPs. It should be for the future.”

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