Charity bookseller arrested in Brixton crime crackdown released after widespread outrage

The arrest of a charity worker during a police operation targeting criminals working around Brixton Tube was branded ‘unacceptable’ by Lambeth Council leader.

Dozens of officers surrounded Brixton station to carry out a pre-planned operation that was intended to crack down on drugs and weapons just before 6pm yesterday, according to the Metropolitan Police.

A video has surfaced of officers in a dispute with charity worker Sulaiman Lee that escalated into him being detained by at least ten police officers, and it appears one of them attempted to hit him on the arm.

Sulaiman Lee’s sister has responded to the incident and said: “We have to really make this clear that this isn’t really about the selling of the books or the distributing of the books – it’s what happened after or as a result of that.

“They were pepper sprayed and man-handled and assaulted and arrested.”

The antagonised crowd booed loudly as the officers took him and his companion Leonegus Darealest into a police van.

The book stall the two were running belonged to Black Child Promotions, an organisation that promotes black literature.

They describe themselves as ‘a black-owned business with the sincere mission to educate the minds, uplift the spirit and liberate the nation of black people’.

In the video Sulaiman Lee is seen explaining to a police officer that he was not selling the books, but the public was free to give donations.

The situation became more contentious as the angry crowd further surrounded them and became increasingly vocal.

A Met Police Spokesman said: “CS spray was deployed by one of the uniformed BTP officers.”

Leonegus Darealest was released at five o’clock this morning and according to London Black Revolutionaries, an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-fascist campaign group, Sulaiman Lee has also been released.

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