VIDEO: African Emancipation Reparations March takes over Brixton

The African Emancipation Reparations March took place in Brixton this Sunday 1st August.

The event took place at Windrush Square with a number of speeches and then progressed to Max Roach Square, blocking Brixton Road.

Those who were campaigning were not only asking for compensation for Britain’s history of slavery but also for changes to the national curriculum to include details of the UK’s colonial past and support for the Kill the Bill movement.

The protest takes place every year on the 1st August, an important date for the community as it marks the official end of slavery in the British Empire in 1834.

WATCH: SWL went along to the African Emancipation Reparations March in Brixton

It lasted from 12pm-7pm and was peaceful with demonstrators clearing up litter in the evening.

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