Lambeth welcomes new stop and search powers as Home Secretary insists changes must be made


A consultation raises concerns that stop and search is too widely used.


By Rachel Jenkins

Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service have welcomed the news that stop and search powers are to be overhauled, as announced by Home Secretary Theresa May this week.

The move follows a consultation which found that stop and search was used too widely and raised concerns that it unfairly targeted ethnic minorities.

The London Metropolitan Police Service have agreed to participate in the Best Use of Stop and Search scheme were they will continue to work with communities, stakeholders and officers to ensure that Londoners are protected.

“We welcome the new package of measures announced by the Home Secretary, but we of course recognise there is much more to do to improve confidence across all communities in the use of the powers,” said Commander Adrian Hanstock, MPS lead for stop and search.

In March 2014, 1,251 people were arrested in Lambeth after a stop and search was carried out.  Most of the arrests were drug related. The most common age of people stopped was between 25 to 44 and 94.5% were male.

In 2013, 47,141 arrests were made as a result of stop and search – 20% of all arrests made by the MPS that year.

Under the new plans, training for stop and search will be reviewed, officers will be tested on whether they understand the rules and anyone misusing their powers could face disciplinary action.

Photo courtesy of Adambro, with thanks.

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