‘I won’t be anyone’s patsy’: Sadiq Khan vows to stand up to Jeremy Corbyn if elected Mayor

Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan today reemphasised his vow to stand up to Jeremy Corbyn should he be elected London Mayor in May. 

Labour’s Tooting MP was slammed last week by Tory counterpart Zac Goldmsith, labelling Khan as “Corbyn’s man in city hall”.

But speaking at West Thames College this morning, Khan seemed keen to continue to distance himself from the Labour party leader.

He said: “I won’t be anyone’s patsy. I’ll stand up for Londoners against anyone who threatens their interests.

“Whether it’s David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn – if they get it wrong, I’ll say so.”

Khan was also quick to condemn Richmond Park and Kingston North MP Goldsmith for not “being his own man”, claiming that the Conservative candidate doesn’t have the necessary qualities to sit in City Hall.

He said: “What Zac Goldsmith lacks in experience and values and vision can be made up by throwing countless millions at this election.

“He’ll be using Lynton Crosby [political advisor] to try and divide and conquer London’s communities with David Cameron and George Osborne helping him every step of the way.

“It’s quite remarkable. Goldsmith, on one hand, claims to be an independent man, but then bends over backwards falling over himself trying to get a photograph with Cameron one week and Osborne the next. I’m my own man.

“He’s a serial underachiever and his values are not London’s values.”

Khan used his speech in west London to accentuate his ideas for the capital, including his bid to lobby government for control of all public land.

The south-west London MP also highlighted his proposals for a four-year fare freeze and the introduction of a one-hour bus ticket.

He said: “We’re at a crossroads. Many of the things that make our city so amazing are at real risk and if we don’t act now, it could be too late.

“Ordinary Londoners are being priced out of our city, pushed further and further out by the Tory housing crisis and the increasing cost of commuting, ending London’s wonderful social mix that has lasted for centuries.”

The Labour man also took the time to talk about the ongoing European Union negotiations, and the importance for Britain to remain part of the EU.

He said: “I think the EU is incredible to London’s success going forward. Of course we need reform, but putting aside from the cultural benefits, we know that as a consequence, more than 500 thousand jobs in London are there because of our membership.

“If you want to have a mayor who is pro-business, pro-growth and pro-jobs, then you want a mayor who is pro-EU.”

A spokesman for Goldsmith said: “[London] is too important to be used as a four year experiment by Sadiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn that would bring only inaction, incompetence and infighting.

“Zac is the only candidate who can work with Westminster to secure the funds and powers needed to deliver his Action Plan for Greater London: more homes, better transport, cleaner air and safer streets.”

Image courtesy of the BBC via YouTube, with thanks

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