Terrence Higgins Trust reveals 90% of those with HIV believe public don’t know HIV from AIDS

A Terrence Higgins Trust poll revealed today, on World Aids Day, that 90% of people living with HIV in Britain think the public cannot differentiate between the infection and AIDS.

Damaging words used to describe their condition included ‘diseased’ (16%), ‘unclean’ (12%) and ‘riddled’ (9%).

The poll, which ran throughout October and November 2015, featured 596 respondents between the ages of 25 and 64.

The trust’s executive director of external affairs, Shaun Griffin, said: “We know from recent media reporting that huge amounts of HIV stigma, unfortunately, still prevail.

“Many people, as reflected in the poll, cannot differentiate between HIV and AIDS.

“That is quite alarming considering the advances made in HIV treatment over the past 30 years.

“These advances mean simply that HIV is a long term health condition – it needs to be managed, just as high blood pressure or diabetes does.”

The findings have been revealed to coincide with World Aids Day, which takes place every year on December 1.

Picture courtesy of Robert Simpson, with thanks

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