It’s ‘tache time! SW Londoner reporters take on moustache mantle to raise Movember cash

A team of SW Londoner reporters will be trying their utmost to furnish their upper lips with facial hair in support of Movember.

Joey Millar, Josh Murray, Sam Dix, Adam Jones, Sam Meadows, Adam Smith, Kostas Lianos, Will Kelleher and Steven Prince will be raising money for the Movember Foundation which raises money and awareness for male health issues.

Will Kelleher
YOUTHFUL: Will shaved off his facial hair and erased ten years

The now popular challenge calls on participants to cease shaving throughout the whole month of November in order to change the face of men’s health.

Josh Murray said: “I haven’t been able grow facial hair for 21 years, so I thought I could use my follically-challenged top lip as a comedic means of getting people to donate money for a fantastic charity.”

Josh Murray
FOLLICALLY-CHALLENGED: SWL’s Josh Murray is determined to grow a ‘tache

Adam Jones is equally unconfident of his moustache-growing prowess.

He said: “It’s a great cause and a chance to separate the men from the boys, in my case I will be in the latter.”

Joey Millar
CONFIDENT: Joey is ready to tackle the Movember challenge

The annual Movember campaign aims to raise funds for the Movember Foundation’s men’s health programmes but also to begin conversations about men’s health and raise understanding of male issues.

The money raised goes towards treatment and care for those with prostate and testicular cancer but also to support men and boys with mental health problems.

Steven prince
READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP: Even this snazzy jumper can’t detract from his bare face

The challenge aims to use comedy to get men involved in the fight against these debilitating diseases.

SW Londoner will track the progress of our intrepid reporters throughout the month with pictures and updates as they try, and fail, to grow impressive facial hair.

Support the SW Londoner Movember team by donating at

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