Chewing gum is still a target for the Council


Gum Targets set to increase throughout the Borough


By Ben Baker

POSTERS designed for people to use to dispose of their chewing gum are set to increase throughout Merton.

The ‘GumTargets’, designed by Meteora Limited, have been around for two years and council workers are so pleased with results they are introducing more in the most used areas.

Merton graffiti officer John Bull said: “They have been very successful in keeping chewing gum off the floor and walls.

“The number of call-outs to clear away gum has gone down and there is less time between chewing gum removal services.”

The A4 posters, featuring designs that grab the public’s attention, were introduced following success in other towns such as Kingston.

A spokesman for Meteora said: “We have been supplying Merton council for about two years now and we know they are very pleased with the results.”

However, claims that these ‘GumTargets’ are effective at reducing chewing gum runs contradictory with recent Merton council activities.

Last month, Merton announced that street cleaning firm Intex had been employed to perform an eight week jet washing service to remove unsightly chewing gum.

Spending £36,000 on this operation suggests that chewing gum is still an issue within Merton and its surrounding areas.

Ravi Kumar, 22-year-old researcher from Wimbledon, said: “I didn’t even know these posters existed. I definitely have never used them.”

In a survey conducted, over two thirds or people said they had never used or even seen the ‘GumTargets’ around town.

Jason Grear, 31, said: “I honestly haven’t seen them before but I think they are a good idea and will look out for them in future.”

But with the council looking to increase the number of brightly designed ‘GumTargets’, people will have more options to dispose of it cleanly and suitably.

Amy Hall, 17-year-old student, said: “I always look for a bin for my gum but have also used these posters when they are around. They are a really good idea.”

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