Supporters meet to give backing to stadium plans


AFC Wimbledon fans quiz the Council’s planning representatives about the possibility of a new stadium in the Borough.


By Sam Dale

AFC WIMBLEDON supporters gathered last Thursday to encourage support for a stadium in Merton before the October 16 deadline for consultation on the Local Development Framework (LDF).

Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association (WISA) met at Wimbledon Community Centre, St. George’s Road, to ask questions of two representatives from the Council’s planning team.

The LDF sets out planning policy for the next 15 years and fans want to ensure as many people as possible register their support to commit Merton Borough Council to housing a stadium.

Rachel Williams, representing the Council said: “The Council will support sport or recreational activities in the Borough. We can not however be seen to favour a particular group and can not name specific sites for a stadium in the LDF.”

Ivor Heller, Commercial Director of the club said: “It is a very realistic possibility and we will do everything we can. But we have to bear in mind that money is going to be a key issue.”

The club was formed by fans who vowed a Merton return after the former Wimbledon FC moved 70 miles to become Milton Keynes Dons.

WISA treasurer and Thursday’s chair, Sean Fox said; “The Wimbledon Greyhound track is the most likely venue because it is already a stadium.”

Comments on the LDF will be presented to Council who, if they agree, will tweak it slightly then send it for consideration to the General London Assembly (GLA).

Assuming GLA approval, it will go to the planning inspector early next year and a stadium could be approved for 2011.




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