Council show support for NHS


Motion passed to demonstrate council’s committment to the health service.

By Glyn Semple

Merton council are committed to the NHS according to a motion passed at their last meeting.

The motion started with the words: “This Council firmly believes that the NHS is a defining feature of life in the UK.”

It was moved by Councillor Judy Saunders who said: “The NHS is a jewel in our crown.”

Both Labour and Conservative councillors stood to declare their support for the NHS in light of the recent negative press in the USA.

An amendment proposed by Councillor Samantha George said: “This council therefore pledges itself to work for better health facilities for all Merton residents.”

Merton Borough may benefit from £250 million of new government investment in health services.

There are already plans to refurbish St. Helier Hospital and to open new local care centres at both St. Helier and the Nelson hospital in Wimbledon. 

The NHS has been a part of British life since it was started in 1948 by the Labour government.

Councillor Lewis said: “I am personally indebted to the NHS for the treatment I have received.

“You can never put a price on health and therefore on life.”









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