On the pulse: should public toilets be unisex to give people freedom to express gender

The debate over transgender issues is constantly evolving and one of the most recent topics to hit the limelight has been whether public toilets should be unisex.

Some arguments for suggest that they would give people more freedom to express their gender, also making access to bathrooms in general easier.

While arguments against suggest that they would reduce levels of public safety as people may choose to take advantage, whilst some just appreciate a more private space.

We went out onto the streets of Wimbledon to ask people their opinion.

Do you think there should be public unisex toilets?

60% – Yes                          40% – No.

We found overall that young people were more open minded, the majority replying yes, whereas when it came to the older population we found more men were inclined to say yes while more women replied no.

Alice, 19, told us she was impressed whenever she saw unisex toilets in public, while Hannah, 20 stressed the importance of transgender people being able to use their appropriate bathrooms.

FEELING PEACEFUL: Sam Jordan liked the idea of unisex toilets

While Sam Jordan, 31 suggested optimistically: “The world is a better place now, not as dangerous, not everyone is a predator”

And he felt that meant people shouldn’t dismiss unisex toilets.

Gavin, 37, felt differently though and said: “If you make them all unisex, then it might alienate a lot of people.”

UNSURE: Hashim was worried people could take advantage of unisex toilets

Hashim, 24, added: “There might be some sick people about, that might take advantage of sharing the toilet with the opposite sex.

“But if you’re transgender you deserve the choice to go into the bathroom of your appropriate gender.”

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