Look familiar? They are some of the most important people in the land but would you recognise your MP?

In recent times, MPs have become increasingly unpopular.

But do you know the name of your local MP or would you even recognise them?

To find out, we took to the streets of Wimbledon with a photograph of local MP Stephen Hammond and asked: do you know who this is?

NO – 74% YES – 26%

Out of 54 responses, we had some interesting answers to the question.

Responses varied, as far as those who didn’t recognise him, if it wasn’t a certain “yes” or “no” it tended to be “oh I think he’s from politics” or “I recognise the face.”

Mixed in with those were some more comical responses like “is that Philip Hammond?” and “he looks like Barry from EastEnders!”

In our survey, the majority of Wimbledon locals were not familiar with Hammond’s face.

Retired central Wimbledon resident Kathy Hughes, who has personally dealt with Stephen Hammond said: “I usually recognise him because of my [political] interests.”  She also remarked that “it’s his responsibility to make them know”.

Janice Williams, an accounts assistant, 73, had a similar opinion that he should make sure the people of Wimbledon know him.

This wasn’t always the response, however, as some participants knew their local MP well.

Iwona Ciechanowska, 44, who lives nearby recognised him immediately. She is pictured above with SWLondoner’s Huw Morris and a photograph of Stephen Hammond.

Pensioner Kathy Hughes,  from Wimbledon, also put a name to Mr Hammond’s face and who commented: “I have written to him several times.”

On the other hand, an anonymous couple took a different stance, although they were “not surprised” by the majority of respondents not recognising Mr Hammond, they believe “it’s up to the people of Wimbledon to know their MP”.

The different responses suggest that both the public and Mr Hammond should make more of an effort to have a personal relationship. Some participants did touch on the point of personal relationship between politician and public, one resident commenting that Hammond “could do more” and that more personal correspondence would be beneficial, further stating that she received “lots of random stuff through letterbox.”

Mike Gould, 58, a writer, didn’t recognise the photo. He said: “My wife is very involved so I make a point not to be!”

NO IDEA: Mike couldn’t put a name to the face

Other people commented along the lines of ‘I’m not into politics.’

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