Launch for online television channel covering South West London news and events


SWL.TV is launching today.


By SWLondoner staff

An online television channel bringing coverage of South West London news and events is launching today.

The new channel SWL.TV, which is working in partnership with SW Londoner, has already built up a collection of reports on local events, art & culture, things to do, businesses, transport &travel, and local Issues like policing and commuting. 

The channel was piloted by an audience of 1000 and has recently taken on more presenters and crew ahead of the launch.

Peter Fison, the founder and executive producer of SWL.TV, said: “The big broadcasters with their multi-million pound studios have only ever paid lip service to local interest programmes.”

He added: “Who wouldn’t be excited about reaching 2.7M neighbours through YouTube if you had a message to share and the cost wasn’t exorbitant?”

The channel aims to make high quality, professionally produced programmes that are interesting and entertaining for local people.

And with a recent report claiming YouTube is the second most popular search tool, Peter realises the demand for video information.

“If my daughter wants to learn how to make Crêpes Suzettes, the chances are she’ll watch Gordon Ramsay’s one minute video – the first search result we found together – in preference to wading through an online recipe book,” he said.

“In much the same way people will get a much better impression of the staff and facilities at say Battersea Zoo by watching our recent video report compared with just reading the marketing blurb.”

The channel is free to subscribers and soon you will also be able to watch videos here on SW Londoner.

Peter added: “This is pioneering stuff.  We’ve got a top notch team and a bottomless pit of exciting ideas to report on.  Everyone just sparks when I tell them about the concept.  It’s going to be huge!”

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