Kingston dog rescue

Kingston dog rescue makes desperate call for fosters and donations

A dog rescue in Kingston is desperate for help in their mission to save the lives of as many pound dogs as they can.

Nancy Griffiths runs the rescue from her home with the help of friends like Elizabeth Joy and Diane Seary.

They are appealing for fosters and donations of any kind like leads, collars or even dog beds.

Luna is one of these dogs who needs help, and the rescue has set up a gofundme to pay for her vet bills.

HELP: Luna has a large lump on her body meaning she needs a CT scan, blood work, and medicine to help her

To enquire about fostering one of the dogs and any other questions, email: [email protected]

The rescue spoke about what it’s like to be in the rescue world and what fostering does for the animals.

Watch the video below to find out more:

WATCH: Kingston dog rescue is after donations and fosters

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Ms Syreeta James
Ms Syreeta James
1 July 2022 8:53 pm

Selfless work you guys do on the daily, saving so many dogs from being put down!

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