Epsom Dad opens coding studio to inspire tech-loving kids

An interactive coding studio has opened in Epsom for children to learn how to build robots, program drones, and create video games.

The Code Ninjas studio, based in St. Martin’s Church House on Church Road in Epsom, is aimed at children aged five to 14 and is owned by Lee Richards, a fully qualified teacher with a decade of experience. 

Richards said about the franchise that it is a place that looks to teach kids key skills in a fun, collaborative, and confidence-building environment.

He said: “Our focus is that every kid that comes here has a great time whilst learning how to think like a coder along the way. 

“We create a fun and caring environment which encourages our ‘ninjas’ to work together and help each other as a way of building up their own and their peers’ confidence.

“It’s all about having fun with the added bonus of the ninjas learning valued skills that align with their passions, but also skills that, if they want, can unlock opportunities for the future.”

At Code Ninjas, the students are called ninjas, the teachers are called Code SenseisTM and their studio is the Dojo.

Founded in 2016, Code Ninjas is the world’s largest and fastest-growing kids coding franchise, with more than 220 locations open across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Richards’ newest Sensei, Viktor, is a Game Technologies graduate from Kingston University

Viktor said: “If anything, I think it’s more popular now than it has ever been. 

“It’s already been so nice to see these kids learn and succeed all whilst getting to know each other more and making some good friendships; you can really tell how much they love coming here.”

Before Richards was a teacher, he was a product manager for an online gaming company in Sweden. 

He said: “After graduation, I was involved in the development of online and multiplayer games from a very cool office in Stockholm. 

“I enjoyed it for a while, but I wanted a greater sense of purpose, which is why I got into teaching.”

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