South London Cares fundraising art sale moves online

By Rahima Miah
March 30 2020, 12.25

The battle against the coronavirus led to a south London charity shifting its scheduled art sale to an online auction on March 21.

South London Cares, a charity focused on Southwark and Lambeth, planned to have its South London Art Sale on March 19 in Brixton but made the decision to postpone it until September 10 to prevent the virus spreading.

To combat the loss of funds as a result of postponing the art sale, the charity decided to have an online auction during this time, instead allowing supporters to bid on an original drawing from ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’ by the famed illustrator Charlie Mackesy.

Jodie Goffe, South London Cares’ development coordinator, (pictured above) said: “At a time when older people need to stay connected to their communities more than ever – even from afar – we need to create a massive emergency response to enable that to happen.”

The Charlie Mackesy drawing was the only piece auctioned online and Ms Goffe believes that it is a ‘star item from one of the most exciting pieces of art’.

STAR ITEM: The Charlie Mackesy artwork auctioned online

For those who were unable to bid on the piece the charity also called for donations and as a way of giving thanks, it sent out postcard packs featuring work by local artists that will feature in the later September South London Art Sale.

South London cares aimed to raise between £5,000 and £8,000 from the online auctions to aid its neighbours.

The charity is tackling the challenges of communicating with its neighbours because of social isolation by adapting its usual activities.

Johanna Brooks, South London Cares’ development manager said: “We are working intensively to develop new ways for older and younger people to stay in touch – online, on the phone and in new ways. 

“That will involve online group activities like dance parties, exercise classes and group get togethers that people can dial into from home.”

The charity suspended face-to-face activities with older people on Friday March 13 to prioritise the health of their elderly neighbours that they support.

Ms Goffe said: “As a charity that works with older people, we have suspended all face-to-face activity for six weeks because the health of our neighbours and our wider community is our number one priority.”

As well as the auction the charity has launched an online match funded emergency appeal to ask for donations.

Members of the public can support South London Cares in its task to help older neighbours stay connected in this time of separation by visiting

The postponed September South London Art sale will take place at Downstairs at The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Road, Ferndale, London, SW9 8FR.

Featured image credit: Anne Alagbe.

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