Meow-tain climbers and puss-ups for flabby felines as British Moggie Fitness combat cat obesity crisis

Fat cats and cuddly kittens have the chance to shed a few pounds as British Military Fitness launch a scheme to target the rise in pussy podginess today.

Meow-tain climbers, bur-paws and puss-ups are just a few of the exercises expected to feature on the British Moggie Fitness programme.

British Military Fitness unveiled plans for the new nationwide classes in response to fears about the growing number of flabby felines in the UK.

BMF head of operations Garry Kerr said: “We knew something had to be done.

“With more and more cats living an indoor only life, we want to help them to get outside and get active with their owners.

“Therefore, we decided to take action and launch feline fitness sessions.”

According to veterinary charity PDSA, 24% of British cats now live an indoor-only life, up from 15% in 2011 — and figures released last year showed that a fur-ightening four million were overweight or obese.

Organisers boast that the classes are purrfect for corpulent kittens and cats keen to shake off the excesses of Easter.

“Just like for humans, exercise plays an important part in leading a healthy, fulfilling life for our furry friends – diet on its own is often not enough,” said Mr Kerr.

Hour-long British Moggie Fitness sessions can be attended at 140 parks across the UK — for more information, visit the British Military Fitness website.

Image courtesy of British Military Fitness, with thanks

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