Lambeth charities seek funding to tackle high rates of child poverty


According to one campaign, 59% of children in the borough are currently living in poverty.


By Seema Hakim

Two children’s charities in Lambeth are appealing for funding after statistics placed the borough as the seventh highest in London for child poverty.

According to campaign End Child Poverty, 59% of children in Lambeth are currently living in poverty. This comes as a result of high unemployment, crime, poor living environments, low incomes and health. 

Ebony Horse Club and Your Story are two charities which use diverse learning programmes to inspire young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds across the borough.

Based in the heart of Coldharbour Ward, the most impoverished area of Lambeth with 45% of children living in low income homes, Ebony Horse Club improves the aspirations of youngsters between the age of 8 and 13 through giving them an opportunity to learn a new sport.

Director Ros Spearing said it is not only about financial difficulties but that many children are also faced with a ‘poverty of opportunity’. The horse club aims to give children a new challenge, and previous students at the club have gone on to study horse care further.

“If you can get on and ride a house, you’ll give anything a chance,” she said.

Ms Spearing added that help from locals and businesses would be helpful as money is needed to keep the charity running.

“We have a fundraising strategy, but money needs to come in to keep it going as 700 children use the club every year,” she said.

In Kennington, the charity Your Story works to help young people who are from impoverished backgrounds, or are facing risks such as permanent exclusion from school, with activities ranging from sports to cooking depending on individual taste.

According to office manager and mentor, Louise O’Brien, tailored programmes are able to boost the confidence of youngsters as it provides a sense of accomplishment.

“We are their last chance to get them on the right path. It’s just a shame that there is no government funding,” she said. 

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