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  1. Gary Anderson
    April 29, 2016 @ 12:12 pm

    George Osbourne is more a danger to hard working councile tenants than hitler was to the Jewish race ,he is a unfeeling money grabbing nasty man ,who must be stopped ,he hikes taxes to give himself a £2,500 pay rise and then turns his venom on sick disabled andd hard working council house tenants , he is not fit for office and the most hated man in this country , there have been many dangers our great country and its people have faced ,but this man Osbourne is just as much a danger ,the sooner we all wake up and demand he goes the better , hi is killing the working man and woman and now wants to make them homeless ,just to prove he can put his stupid policy’s into avocation ,go Osbourne and go now ,you are a evil dangerouse man ,