360Athletic’s Pimlico gym combines physiotherapy and personal training under one roof

360Athletic’s intimate Pimlico site combines physiotherapy with small-group training to provide tailored workouts that put the personal back in personal training.

The name 360Athletic was inspired by the founders’ all-round approach to health and fitness.

Founded in August 2018 by personal trainer Ben West and physiotherapist Jordane Zammit Tabona, members get access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as professional care and treatment in a way that is apparently one of a kind.

Founder Ben West said: “360athletic is one of the only facilities that combines physiotherapy and personal training all under one roof.

“It allows the trainer to then tailor the programme for the individual.”

The physiotherapy enables injury and risk diagnosis on-site and each guest receives an initial movement screening to identify imbalances that could slow progress.

Mr West said: “It gives the client a bit of peace of mind that their programme will be tailored for them rather than just being thrown straight into the mix.”

He continued: “Every individual trains in a group of up to four people so not only is that slightly more affordable in terms of training, it also allows them to train in a group of like-minded people. Everyone gets together, everyone trains hard and then its just a big high five at the end.

“Its not just training individually, which a lot of people don’t like, but on the flip side a lot of people don’t like training with massive groups of people either, so we’re trying to bridge the gap between the quite expensive one-to-one training and the big platforms where people might feel a bit intimidated or can be a bit too loud or a bit too messy.”

Monthly reviews enable close monitoring of progress and constantly adaptable training regimes dependent on specific requirements.

According to Mr West the team track client’s weight, body fat and muscle mass every 30 days so they can show them on paper how things have changed.

The gym also offers larger group classes in order to focus on areas where client’s might need additional work.

Ben, 29, has seven years commercial and private personal training experience and provides a self-written nutrition guide upon joining.

As well as diet, he emphasises functional exercise that combines various stylistic elements to promote movement and health that replicates body movement in every day life.

The space is light and clean and boasts a vegan protein smoothie bar to enhance the benefits of your workout and chill after a session.

CHILL OUT: The smoothie bar offers a chance to recharge after a workout.

Membership starts at £199 a month, giving access to all large group classes, up to £359 for platinum which allows full access to small group training and classes.

A discounted 30 day trial is available for £149 giving you 10 personal training sessions, unlimited classes and a movement screening.

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