Top 10 best cities for fashion lovers

From avant-garde menswear to womens knee high boots, fashion has become a global culture boasting an incredible amount of diversity.

If you want to see all that the world of fashion has to offer, then it’s time to embark on a globetrotting adventure.

What are the latest fashion trends in Italy? Are there major differences in style if you head to another continent?

The only way to know for sure is to see it for yourself. If fashion is your passion, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best cities to visit.

Barcelona, Spain

Thanks to its perpetual atmosphere of celebration, Barcelona has an allure that few other cities can match, let alone emulate.

The biggest fashion trends in the city can be described as both bright and elegant, with enough variety to rival any fashion capital.

The best thing about Barcelona is the affordability of most items of clothing.

The city is well-known for its expansive selection of budget-friendly stores and locations, and can be considered a must-see if the more expensive cities are out of your budget.

Berlin, Germany

The rich culture of Germany is on full display in Berlin. If you want the best in winter fashion, for example, there aren’t many cities that can rival the capital of Germany.

As practical as they are creative, the city’s inhabitants are renowned for their art and fashion.

Aside from sprawling shopping districts, with hundreds of shops and boutiques, small local designers can be found all over the city.

As a bonus feature for inquisitive visitors, Berlin also has a ton of street art and a vibrant art culture to explore.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities in the world.

Home to the world’s largest amount of high net-worth individuals, it stands to reason that the city also has enough shopping to satisfy any appetite for fashion, regardless of how deep your pockets may be.

Highly developed and full of modern conveniences, the city is a world leader in terms of living standards.

When it comes to fashion, there are so many options for shopping and tourism that many visitors are overwhelmed by the sheer variety available to them.

Image: Yogendra Singh on Unsplash 

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is responsible for manufacturing a large number of international brands, making it an important stop on any fashion-related travel itinerary.

There are no fashion weeks or major shows, but what can be found is a veritable plethora of shops and brands.

It’s important to note that Istanbul’s fashion scene is predominantly focused on men, far more so than any other city on this list.

If oriental style and male-dominated fashion industry have piqued your curiosity, Istanbul is the ideal place to visit.

London, UK

Though it’s not as popular as Milan or Paris in terms of fashion, or as ‘alternative’ as Berlin, London has classic style and contemporary culture on its side.

It attracts fashion talent from all over the world, making it a true epicentre of global fashion.

Twice a year, in February and September, London Fashion Week brings together the new talent and old favourites of fashion, ushering in the biggest trends of the year.

Oxford Street is the ideal location for shoppers, with over 300 unique shops to visit.

Milan, Italy

Along with Paris, New York, and London, Milan is considered one of the four fashion capitals of the world, and with good reason.

The city is the birthplace of colossal fashion brands like Roberto Cavalli and Versace, and its heritage is as long as it is prestigious.

Every major fashion house can be found in Milan.

There are two weekly fashion shows per year, along with several smaller shows in-between.

Couple these facts with the promise of authentic Italian food and culture, and it’s no wonder Milan is as famous as it is.

New York, USA

Regarded by many as the cultural and financial capital of the world, New York is worth visiting for the experience of its atmosphere alone.

It’s also one of the most influential cities when it comes to fashion, hosting one of the biggest annual events in fashion.

The New York Fashion Show is held annually, bringing together the world’s most prestigious fashion designers for a parade of eccentric elegance.

Of course, the city is also home to countless fashion boutiques, designer stores, and shopping complexes.

Image: Becca McHaffie on Unsplash 

Paris, France

Tourists flock to Paris for its gorgeous scenery and romantic atmosphere, but it’s also a global leader in fashion culture.

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events of the year, drawing millions of fashion fans to the ‘city of love’.

All the famous fashion houses of the world call Paris Fashion Week home, houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior, and Karl Lagerfeld.

As proof of the city’s influence, in 2020 alone, despite global lockdowns and travel restrictions, Paris received over 12 million visitors.

São Paulo, Brazil

Some people say that if you can’t buy something in São Paulo, you won’t find it anywhere in Brazil.

From local brands to international boutiques, São Paulo has it all.

It’s the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world and the most populous city in Brazil.

Sao Paulo may not be recognised as a fashion capital, but it’s got more than enough adventure for any fashionable explorer.

The Jardins area and the Pinheiros district are most notable from a fashion perspective, with plenty of smaller sights to see.

Tokyo, Japan

If you want to explore some truly unique fashion, Tokyo is famed for its hermit-like cultivation of a bespoke cultural identity.

Put simply, nowhere else in the world do people dress quite like they do in Japan.

Contemporary style will always have its place in any modern city.

However, Tokyo is a blend of both modern style and traditional garb, making an eclectic mix of fashion that is quite rare to find, and entirely worthy of recommendation as a fashion destination.

Featured image: Pixabay

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