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Employees want clean workspaces says latest research

 A clean workspace is a must in the modern age. Read on to find out why.

According to multiple studies, the vast majority of employees consider workplace hygiene a major priority.

Irrespective of the industry, health and wellness are quickly becoming fundamental to workplace productivity.

For this reason, professional facility cleaning services have seen a sharp increase in the demand for their services.

There are several factors behind the high demand for expert cleaning services, such as increased environmental awareness, the growth of health-conscious societies, and the rise of remote work.

For example, a report on the tech industry, funded by Fellowes Brands, shows that 87% of employees want healthier workspaces. 

Nowadays, it’s well-known that more people want to work from home.

Business owners are finding that a clean and attractive workplace can make all the difference in whether or not an employee wants to work remotely.

Couple this with the past few years of isolations and lockdowns, and it’s easy to see why an appealing office has become incredibly important.

Employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from a spotless work environment.

In fact, hiring a commercial cleaning service has a much wider range of benefits than one might first expect.

Below are four reasons why absolutely any business can use cleaning services to its advantage, satisfying employees and customers simultaneously.

High standards

Cleanliness can be considered a hallmark of quality.

By hiring professionals to do all the dirty work, employers are able to guarantee a healthy environment for customers and employees.

Professionalism can make or break a cleaning service, which is why well-established services pride themselves on the quality of their work.

Reputable cleaning services comply with a number of laws and regulations.

They are certified to perform cleaning and maintenance of the highest standard, making them a valuable asset for any forward-thinking company.

From humble local businesses to the colossal monopolies of the tech industry, a high standard of hygiene can now be considered essential for financial success.

The only way to ensure that office space is as clean as possible is to hire a professional for the job.

Premium services don’t come cheap, but the investment is worth it in the long run.


Companies that don’t hire professionals usually employ in-house cleaning staff or delegate cleaning duties to employees.

Both options are nowhere near as efficient as a commercial cleaning service.

If it’s true that workplace cleanliness affects productivity, then it stands to reason that investing in commercial cleaners will lead to improved profits.

In reality, it’s nowhere near as straightforward as that, but one can see why it’s easy to assume that there’s a logical connection.

Expert cleaners are quick yet thorough and, without wasting time or taking shortcuts, they ensure that any workplace is a germ-free environment for any would-be visitors.

They relieve employees of any cleaning tasks and save companies money by avoiding the costs of maintaining a cleaning staff and expensive cleaning equipment.


Cleaning and disinfecting business premises is no easy task, and doing it well requires qualified professionals.

In order to comply with regulatory standards, cleaning services come fully equipped with all the knowledge and equipment required to fulfil even the most arduous of tasks.

All labour management is external.

There’s no need to worry about running costs or the expenses mentioned earlier related to staff and equipment.

Outsourcing cleaning and maintenance means employees have fewer unnecessary things to do, and employers have fewer assets to manage.

In addition to their qualifications, cleaning services also have considerable experience on their side.

For higher quality cleaning, they often use specialised equipment, tools and machines as expensive as they are complex.

Increased productivity

From fewer sick days to more positive attitudes, numerous workplace studies have proven the difference a clean environment can make.

Employees crave a positive workplace – with multiple health benefits and zero health hazards. 

A survey by the Harvard Business Review found that clutter and dirt significantly affect a worker’s productivity levels.

In the survey, it was proved that messy environments significantly affect our physical health and mental well-being.

Evidently, if employees are to be productive, they need an environment conducive to healthy living.

Following on from the brief mention of a logical connection between cleanliness and profit, boosting morale by providing a clean environment can indeed affect profit margins.

In essence, healthy workers make for a productive business, and a productive business makes a profit. It’s as simple as that.

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