Mary Spiteri, owner of Tit fer Tat Boutique, poses with some of her hat creations

Richmond hat-maker proves independent craft is still in vogue

A bespoke hat-maker in Richmond is celebrating 26 years in business, showing that independent craft is still in vogue.

Millinery is the art of creating women’s hats and Mary Spiteri’s boutique Tit fer Tat showcases the work of global milliners and her own couture designs.

A lot of Mary’s work also involves making bespoke hats for special occasions like weddings, Royal Ascot, and Wimbledon. 

Mary invited South West Londoner into her boutique to find out about the creative process of making the perfect, personalised hat.

We also discussed her resilience as a small business and the buzz around Ted Lasso, which is filmed right next door.

Sporting a selection of her own designs, our afternoon with Mary shows her character is just as colourful as her creations.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Featured image credit: Mary Spiteri

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