Online cyber security and the threats of modern technology

As our lives become more and more online, cyber security grows as a concern for us on a daily basis.

Modern technology has given us the tools to do things that would have seemed like science-fiction just a decade or two ago – but with that has come added risks.

From The Matrix to Mr. Robot, movies can make the online world seem a like a digital Wild West, with hackers threatening to take everything from you with just one erroneous click.

But the risks of the digital world are not exclusive to fiction.

Online fraud is rife across the world. From phishing scams to data harvesting, the need to remain secure online has never been more pertinent.

Upon entering a website, you may be asked to click on pop ups or agree to your data being used.

When agreeing to what information you allow third parties to access, it is important you are clear and check thoroughly what the precise terms would be.

Increasingly, people are turning to VPNs as a way of staying safe while browsing the web.

These networks allow uses to connect to the internet securely and privately – making your connecting considerably harder to trace, regardless of where you are in the world.

Users will be able to access the internet in the same way as before, but with their true location remaining cloaked by their VPN protection.

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