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Schnauzerfest takes Streatham Common

Schnauzerfest is a charity founded in 2014 by Janetta Harvey, with the aim to deliver financial support to schnauzers in need.

It foots the veterinary bill of rescue schnauzers across the country and has helped many pooches to live a better life.

One of its main methods of fundraising is through organised dog walks across the country.

On Sunday 17 October, it took to Streatham Common to raise awareness and allow the schnauzers to enjoy each other’s company.

The event was part of Streatham festival, an event that ran from 8 – 17 October which consisted of a range of events from the Streatham Strut to the Literature Fest.

SWL went along to the dog walk and spoke to Mark, one of the organisers of the event and Anne, one of the charity’s trustees, who’s own dogs have received help from Schnauzerfest.

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