Ten unique sympathy gift ideas

Sending a sympathy gift to a friend, family member or loved one when they are grieving can offer a great deal of comfort.

Those suffering through grief need to know that the people around them recognise their pain, and a gift is an excellent way to achieve this.

Sympathy gifts can be small tokens that cost virtually nothing, or they can be grand gestures.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is unique to the person grieving so that they know just how much care and attention has gone into the gift.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, consider these ten unique sympathy gift ideas to help inspire you.

Cremation jewellery

Cremation jewellery contains a small amount of the cremation ashes, allowing an individual to keep their loved one close when they need a little bit of comfort and support.

Unique cremation necklace with ashes are a popular choice, as they are cost-effective and also incredibly beautiful. 

Rather than paying a fortune for a diamond made from ashes, consider hidden compartment jewellery as a more effective alternative.

This type of jewellery can still be set with a diamond, but it will cost a fraction of a cremation ashes diamond.


A memorial keepsake ornament can bring a lot of comfort during the festive period.

Many people feel uncomfortable celebrating Christmas and New Year after grief, but it can be transformative to find a way to move forward through the grief.

A Christmas ornament will let them know that it’s ok to keep celebrating at Christmas, as the ornament will allow them to save a place for the people they have lost.

Tokens and keepsakes

A token or keepsake is the ideal addition to a memory box.

This type of charm is typically a small silver token or a glass pebble.

It will often contain a small amount of ashes, which helps to make it even more special.

Tokens and keepsakes might not be taken everywhere, but they can provide a lot of comfort during difficult times.


Commissioning a portrait of the deceased, or a landscape of the place where their ashes were scattered is a great way to give the grieving something physical to hold on to.

It might be too painful to hang in a prominent place in their home in the beginning, but they might find that it brings a great deal of comfort further down the line.

Gift basket

Sometimes the best gift is one that brings a little bit of a distraction.

Grief can be exhausting, so it’s helpful to know that someone has your back.

Put together a gift basket filled with treats, goodies, distractions and small tokens to let the person know you are thinking of them and that they are loved. 

Memory jar

A memory jar means something different to everyone.

It can be incredibly therapeutic to spend an evening writing down treasured memories on small pieces of paper, folding them up, and putting them in a jar.

The grieving individual can add to the jar over time until the time comes that they want to take from the jar.

They will have a jar filled with incredible memories of their loved one that they can dip into and enjoy when the time is right.

Memorial candle

A memorial candle is a candle engraved with the details of a lost loved one.

This small token of your love and care is an excellent choice for someone who is struggling with grief.

The candle is a special candle, designed to be lit when they need a little bit of brightness in their life. 

Plant a tree

This gift might require more planning, but it can be highly effective and bring comfort for decades to come.

Planting a special tree in memory of a lost loved one is effective as it not only gives the person hope but also provides them with a sanctuary.

The tree will become a place where they can find a moment of quiet reflection. 

Memorial garden stone

If you know that the person is planning to bury the ashes of their loved one in their garden, then a memorial stone will always be a welcome gift.

Even if the ashes will be scattered elsewhere, a memorial garden stone can provide the perfect start to a memorial garden.

Getting outdoors and enjoying some gardening can be an excellent way to manage grief, so giving them the foundations to start a memorial garden could be an excellent source of comfort.

Rose plant

Giving the gift of a plant like a rose bush can be incredibly touching and will bring comfort every time it blooms.

You can take this gift one step further by paying to have a type of rose named after the deceased.

The rose bush can then be planted in a memorial garden, so their surviving loved ones will always have a place where they can enjoy a quiet moment of reflection.

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